Hi Zarina, what is a lactation cookies & lactation brownies?

Hi there! Mom More Milk lactation cookies & lactation brownies are seriously delicious and nutritious, packed with natural key ingredients that can help boost your breast milk supply. Instead of eating that big bowl of dark green leafy vege, or durian, or making young papaya or red dates soup, or boiled fenugreek seeds (which all can help boost milk supply), now we can just conveniently eat Lactation cookies & lactation brownies can help promote an abundant breast milk supply. The result? Happy baby, happy mommy! 


What ingredients do you use?

The lactogenic ingredients for cookies are rolled oats, organic flaxseed meal, wheat germ & pure malt; and for the brownies are pure alfalfa, organic fenugreek & dates. Unlike most cookies you find in stores, my cookies are homemade quality with love and care in small batches using wholesome natural ingredients, nothing processed (except for chocolate chips). There are definitely no crazy label names that you cannot pronounce. I say no to nasties, to an extent we even wash the eggs before cracking them because I know nobody likes to eat chicken-poop infused foods hehe. Told ya, no nasties. 


What is the difference between Oats & Hershey's Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies & Cranberry & White Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies?

Both of them have the same lactogenic ingredients of rolled oats, organic flaxseed meal, wheat germ & pure malt. The only difference is the flavour. One has the irresistible Hershey's Chocolate Chips and the other has that delicious tangy taste of cranberry with creamy white chocolate chips. 


Between your lactation cookies, lactation brownies & lactation hot chocolate, which one works best?

The lactogenic ingredients in three of them are completely different and it works differently for different bodies. I honestly would say, some mommies find the cookies work better, some would find the brownies are their milk booster and some feel a combination of both work wonders for them! And of course, a few mommies did not find any of the treats improve their supply - I cannot deny that. If you cannot decide, I suggest go for one of the cookies first plus a box of lactation brownies. Because both of them have very different lactogenic ingredients; therefore it will work much better when consumed together.

However, if you have major, major supply issue; I highly recommend for you to add Hot Chocolate as that is my strongest formulation yet. Instead of using direct source of lactogenic ingredients like alfalfa leaves, dates & fenugreek; I use the extracts of those active ingredients in the formulation. Try it!

What is the recommended intake?

For the first 3 days, eat 3-4 pieces daily followed by a tall glass of water after each piece. After 3 days, eat 1-2 pieces daily for maintenance. Eating more than this recommended intake would not pose a problem. I also recommend to finish the cookies or brownies first before starting the other, to see which one would work better for you. 


How long do your treats last?

My treats have a shelf life of one month and better keep in the fridge. I do not add any preservatives, so leaving my cookies/brownies in the corner of your cabinet for several months will make them sad.


Are your treats very sweet?

I can consider my treats are pretty healthy with an abundant dose of fibre for the cookies, and superfood ingredient in the brownies. I only add about quarter of a cup of brown sugar in every box of treats.


Can my husband & older children consume them too?

For the cookies, yes. In fact they are a healthy snack with high fibre and less sugar as compared to store-bought cookies.

But for the brownies, due to the galactagogues herbs ingredients such as alfalfa & fenugreek; we have to take extra caution for mothers with blood sugar & volume issue or mothers with auto-immune disorder; besides that mothers who breastfeed their premature baby (baby still in NICU), or breastfeeding baby with blood sugar and/or volume issue, or baby with G6PD. Older kids below 2 years old are also not recommended to consume this brownies.

As for the husbands, it is recommended for them to take the brownies as the superfood alfalfa is also known as colon-scrubber and it will be good for the husbands' digestive system.


When will my order be posted?

We post out orders daily! Please place your order before 2pm to enjoy same day delivery. But if you urgently need the cookies, please contact us at 0196757726, if we have freshly baked stock on the same day, we can arrange for runner service. 

When will I receive my order?

I use PosLaju as my courier service provider. For Peninsular Malaysia please expect the next-day delivery in most cases, and for East Malaysia please allow 1-3 days for the parcel to arrive at your doorstep


Can I self-collect my cookies?

Of course you can. For self collection at our bakehouse in Puchong; please text Lisa at 0196757726


Where do you post?

Malaysia-wide! It just gets too expensive to post to outside of Malaysia. But if you insist, drop me an email at mommoremilk@gmail.com and we talk more from there!